Hydro Dam and Old Mill

In Warrensburg near where I live is a hydro electric dam and next to it are the ruins of an old paper mill from the height of the logging era in the Adirondacks. In recent years the majority of the old complex has been torn down leaving only the shell you see here. As a child I used to ride the school bus past this spot every morning and afternoon and there were old buildings and machinery on the site. It used to fascinate me. Even had a dream I was exploring it once; the details are fuzzy but I was chasing a paper airplane along the crumbling roof supports. Exploring the location was always something I wanted to do but I had no access. The ruins remained for a long time but I no longer lived in the area and they were gone by the time I moved back. This will have to suffice and to be honest, crawling around in the remaining structure felt very similar to the dream I had as a child.

This image was made with the intent to make a nice large print and it turned out to be the largest print I have made to date so far; of my own work or someone else's.

Panorama | Final print dimensions: 36in tall x 72 in wide

Large format printing is hands down my favorite way to work. This is a panorama that I stitched out of the A7R2 and the final product was 36x72; the largest print I have personally made to date. The little image you see on here does not give the final image quality justice. Currently this print is sitting rolled up behind me waiting for the client to come pick it up and although large prints are thought to be viewed from a distance, this one remains clear and sharp up to a few inches away from the paper. Below is a 100% crop:

100% crop of the far left side across the river.

100% crop of the far left side across the river.

This may not look like all that much, but consider that this sign is all the way across the river and indistinguishable in the small web version above. Here we can make out not only the sign and its lettering, but the detail in the chain link fence beyond.

Anyway, I'm thrilled with the print quality here and hopefully the client will be, too. There were some other images from this session and I have put them in the gallery below. Nothing too amazing, just a little more visual story on this location.