Montreal Protests

May 1st, International Workers' Day, May Day. This is traditionally a day of civil protests and celebration of workers' rights around the globe. In May of 2015 I found myself in Montreal, Canada for a weekend and got to witness the events for myself. I grabbed my camera and made my way into the streets, taking great care to differentiate myself from any one group in particular. Getting as close as I could without appearing to identify as anyone someone wouldn't want around, I managed to get a bunch of images; some of which are posted below.

Mostly things were jovial and organized but as night fell, students and police began to clash. Gently. But clash none the less. Glorified games of tag broke out as police worked to keep roadways clear and students worked to keep roads clogged. Tear gas was used a handful of times, once or twice on a corner I was photographing from. No major issues erupted and as it got late, crowds dwindled, and we all turned in.

Kaleb Ladd-Cocca